Global Vehicles Peru is one of the leading automobile trading company in Peru, and is now fast growing automobile exporters of New and used vehicles, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality vehicles.

Because of our years of experience in the Japanese and worldwide automotive industry, we have been able to build strong business relationships with major Auctioneers across Japan. As a result, we are able to obtain automobiles at highly competitive prices. Global Vehicles Peru and its staff are dedicated to provide an excellent level of service and support and facilitate customers to take full advantage of our products and services.


Autocraft Japan Ltd. (ACJ) is a trusted source of quality pre-owned vehicles in all major international markets. It is a firm with a long history of sourcing and exporting vehicles of any shape and utility to the global community. The Autocraft Japan Group commenced its operations during 1990s and due to its critical success, have gradually grown and expanded into 12 countries. At present, it is globally active in 32 countries in terms of foreign trade. Through its subsidiaries, ACJ exports around 4,200 units per month throughout the world.

Our Team

Syed S.N. Hussain   Faraz    
Mr. Syed S.N. Hussain
  Operation Manager
Saqib Roomi
Shakeel   Imran   Rehman
Dr. Guillermo Acuña
  Zoomi, Nadeem, Naveed
(Sales Staff)
  Freddy V. Venegas,
Areli Boza,
Freddy V. Tapia
Mauricio   Yrving    
William Calcina, Ericka Morales, Mario Flores
(Operation Staff)
  Javier Yanqui, Henry Quiñonez, Peter Rejas, Walter Calcina, Alberto Zabaleta, Nestor Yanapa
(Yard Staff)